Kim Stadin Photo

Kim Stadin is an American abstract artist and television producer living and working in New York. She graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University and is currently a Producer with Dateline NBC.

Her work is characterized as being colorful, vibrant and captivating. She says it is a reflection of how she feels when she is painting.

“The world can be complicated at times. The events that surround us, that we hear about on the news, often so dark and tragic. Those are often the stories I cover as a television producer. Painting gives, me the opportunity to escape into my very own creative bubble, a fantasy of color, a place where I can use pure spontaneity. To me, color represents life and happiness. I use bold and bright colors to create art that brings a soothing flow of positive energy into any space in which it is placed. I’ve personally discovered that color can have a truly fascinating effect on our every day lives.”

Kim uses acrylic paint and pours it onto canvas in a way that elicits feelings of fluidity, and movement. She has also created a series of dynamic and jovial collage paintings with names like “BubbleYum” and “Confetti” - these works are made with recycled paint peels. The collages are very textured, and have a three dimensional appearance. They are sealed with high gloss finish. All of Kim’s pieces are one of a kind originals. Commissions are always welcome.